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Buying a Model Steam Engine Kit

A model steam engine is a small engine mainly designed for an educational purpose, which means it is an educational toy for children, so it is also called as a toy steam engine. This kind of steam engine is made in a wide range of forms because different manufacturer offers numbers of forms on the model steam engine. But, all types of steam engine kits are used from children to adults who like to play with live steam engines. So, have you planned for buying a model steam engine kit 2017 to present a gift for an adult child or kids? Then, exactly this is the right place to know some of the recommended products on a steam engine kit.

Benefits of model steam engine kit:

Instead of introducing normal toys that played for decades, it is best to introduce a model steam engine kits for your child, because it encourages them to play with live steam toys and also learn something about working on the toys. By this way, your child can able to increase learning and understanding skills. In addition to that, its steam engine is traditional and historical equipment, so your child comes to know the development in science. Apart from that, there are so many other benefits also associated with playing on a steam engine.

Top recommended products:

Several options out there on model steam engine kits, so we have looked all the available options and here listed you some of the best products to prefer.

  1. Academy Pumping Engine

This is a reproduction of working principle of pumping engine used in the 19th century and it pumps water to operate the machine. However, you need to assemble to the toy, but you no need to buy any tools and glue to assemble the parts of this toy. In addition to that, you no need to paint the toy after completion of assembly. By using this educational toy, you can teach the working principle of water pumping system to your students practically. It also comes with a manual guide to teach step-by-step procedure to assemble the kit.

  1. Sunnytech® Mini Hot Live Steam Engine Model Education Toy Kits DIY (V-type)

If you want to start teaching session for your kids and looking for inexpensive educational toy kit, then this is the best choice for you, because this is the amazing product available at cheap price. However, this is an unassembled kit and you need to assemble it by yourself, but it is easy to carry along with you anywhere. This toy is not suitable for kids under 3 years, but best product for students with 6 years and above. In addition to that, it also comes with a year of warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  1. Sterling Engine Vehicle

This Stirling engine is made to work on the external combustion engine, so it will operate on adequate heat or cold. With this engine, you can able to learn about converting heat energy into mechanical work by using a thermodynamic cycle. In order to work on this engine, it requires 2 pistons and one should be small and another in a big size. Apart from that, it includes a built-in alcohol lamp.

  1. Model Steam Engines (Shire Library)

This is a kind of steam ploughing engine helps to demonstrate how the vehicle with steam engine works and operated. But, you need to assemble the parts of this device after purchasing this kit. If you want to keep it as new toy always, then it is best to paint it regularly. This is one of the educational toys to illustrate the working of transportation.

  1. Frey Scientific Model 65 Jensen Reversible Steam Engine

This steam engine educational toy helps to demonstrate the working principle of the reversible steam engine. In addition to that, it is constructed with a bright nickel plate and as well as finished too. Additionally, it also features a smoke stack on the toy too. When it comes to the construction process, it is made with a safety valve, gauge, rotating governor, whistle and valve. But, it works with dry fuel tablets only, so it comes with 4 dry fuel tablets.

  1. Live Steam Engine Single Cylinder Engine Model

If you want to teach the working principle of the steam engine for a student over 14, then this is the perfect choice for you. In this toy, a smaller boiler is connected to the engine to generate a mechanical work from the steam energy. And, it also called as the mini steam engine, but a great piece for handcrafts.

  1. Jensen Steam Engine Dry Fuel Heated 76

This steam engine toy is made with a real head of live steam in the boiler that makes it easy to watch engine’s process. It also includes some parts such as safety valve, throttle, whistle, flywheel, boiler, water gauge and flywheel. Apart from that, it also contains single action horizontal piston engine for better performance. However, the user of this steam engine toy needs to do some light assembly process to make use at first.

  1. Fowler BB1 Steam Ploughing Engine

The best educational toy to illustrate the working of the steam engine is flower BB1 steam ploughing engine. This is an unpainted and also an unassembled engine, so you only need to paint and assemble it, but it requires at the first time of use. This engine also available in 2 different sizes, so prior to buying it, ensures the size that you need. And, it also comes with underframe details such as axles, chassis crossmembers, exhausts, propshaft and so on. At the same time, it is available at affordable price ranges only.


A model steam engine is a wonderful toy for children and as well as an important aspect of education. Additionally, these toys should last for years, so you can take it to the next generation of your family as a historical toy. However, instead of wasting your money on other toys, simply pay for this kind of toys to introduce a modern hobby to your child.